Modern Art's Vision of the Object
Homayoun Sabeti Motlagh
Reprinted from: Honar Nameh, University of Art, Tehran, No. 7, 2000 (A brief of the article)

Throughout the ages, the artist has needed nature in order to draw and illustrate. He has been required to refer to natural objects and elements.

Even in those cases, where the artist has wanted to go beyond nature and to refer to metaphysical concepts, spiritual truths and expression of feelings, he has had to utilize a metaphorical language derived from nature.

However, impressions of nature and objects has been varied. At times, the artist's aim has been one of possessing an object.

At other times, he has selected natural elements, as sacred spiritual symbols to draw and worship.

Narratives have been expressed through the relations between natural elements. And exact replications of the object, viewed by "Creative Subject" have sought meaning through a new impression of nature.

Today, the painter has posed a new question: "Does not what we see depend on how we see it?"

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