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A Survey of Zilu Weaving
: M. S. Janebollahi
The Aesthetics of Neishabour Earthenware Patterns: Seyed Abu Torab Ahmad Panah

Card Weaving: Shahla Amini
Color and Pattern, Decorative Ceramic Tiles, Third Firing: Farhad Varasteh
Ethnic Crafts, Transmission Media of Cultural Norms and Values: Ali Boluk-bashi
Hand-Woven by Shahseven Tribe: Negar Amiqi
Handicrafts, Problems & Methods: Ali Hossouri
Mat Weaving: Mustafa Rustami
Paleolithic Ritual Objects, Case Study of Female Figurines: Shahin Khani
Persian Kilim: Nasser Parhizgar
Primitive Pottery Kilns: Said Gorjestani
Tapestry From The Past To The Present: Lila Samari
White Bronze: Simin Lakpour
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