Reprinted from:
Honar Nameh
University of Art, Tehran
No. 12, 2001
(A brief of the article)


The Aesthetics of Neishabour Earthenware Patterns

By: Seyed Abu Torab Ahmad Panah, 2001

Neishabour earthenware’s design patterns are some of the most exquisite of Islamic art. Besides variations in techniques of production, Neishabour earthenware also depict some of the most unique and varied design patterns and calligraphy, which have been executed with great artistic strength and mystery.

Superior glazing, beautiful Kufic script, plant, animal and human decorations and pictorial composition are the hallmarks of this earthenware. Added to this is the spiritual content of the calligraphic messages pertaining to livelihood and exhortations about charity.


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