Reprinted from:
Honar Nameh
University of Art, Tehran
No. 1, 1997
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Research: Craft

Primitive Pottery Kilns

Said Gorjestani, 2004

Long before, passing from tribal to urban existence, and from the Middle Age to the age of the machine and industry, the human artist's emotional ties and personal interests were reflected in his artistic works. Pottery is an art, which has accompanied man, since the beginning of the history, and which has evolved along with developments in science and industry.

The simple technical structure of primitive kilns, which are heated by wood fire, has always fascinated modern artists and artisans. Pottery kilns have evolved from their elementary forms in the beginning of the history.

The pedagogical and research aspects of these kilns are of interest from the technical and from the artisan's point of view.

A wood burning pottery kiln was built with the help of traditional crafts students at the University of Art, using sparse equipment and materials. Students were thus able to step back in time and familiarize themselves with prehistoric potter's techniques, despite the availability of modern facilities in the pottery workshop. Students benefited from education in team work, utilizing a minimum of equipment, and learning to enjoy the patience that is the first requirement of traditional arts in Iran and elsewhere.




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