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A Look at Elamites and Their Role at the Beginning of Iranian History: Hamid Amerian 
The Archetypal Woman in Mythological & Religious Art
: Hossein Zaker-gou & Shahin Khani
Art & Symbol of the Tree: Asqar Javani

Barber & his Social Role in Velyan: Mohammad Mir Shokrai
The Beautiful Sufferings: Farzaneh Kouchak Khani & Bahman Bazargani
Common Iranian and Chinese Myths and Legends: Yasaman Ramezan Mahi

Cultural Improvements in Iran During the Qajar Period and the West (late 18th c. until 1906-07 Constitutional Movement): Mahshid Modares
European Artists in Iran During the Qajar Period: Mahshid Modares (English & Farsi)

History of First Galleries: Minoo Iran-pour
Lady of the Animals (Prehistoric Figure): Shahin Khani
Mandala: Hossein Zaker-gou

Murdra, Sign Language of Hand Gestures: Amir Hossein Zekr-gou
Nominalism versus Conceptualism:
Yalda Mahmoudi
Sacred Feminine Spirit in Primitive Mythology & Religion: Shahin Khani

Symmetry, Search for Eternal Life: Fataneh Mahmoudi
Thirty Three Gods of Rig Veda: Yasaman Ramezan Mahi
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