Thirty Three Gods of Rig Veda
Yasaman RamezanMahi
Reprinted from: Honar Nameh, University of Art, Tehran, No. 20, 2003 (A brief of the article)

Religion in India, which is the land of incredible, is a collection of divine writings, varied beliefs and philosophical schools, many sacred legends and innumerable myths.

Despite their complexity, numbers and variation, this amalgam of beliefs possess a cohesive, surprising and astonishing order.

If an ancient Iran people's philosophy and worldview are summed up in ancient literature, in India, Indian philosophy is nurtured within the confines of Hindu religion, with its many manifestations in Indian stone carvings.

The earliest school of Hindu thought of the Vedic period appeared in the form of the books of Rig Veda. In this period, there were thirty three principal gods, which formed the basis of Vedic thought.

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