Reprinted from:
Honar Nameh
University of Art, Tehran
No. 8, 2000
( A brief of the article

Manifestation of "Mandala" in Traditional Iranian Architecture & Music
History, Culture
By: Hossein Zaker-gou, 2000, Iran

In this article, forms of Mandala are analyzed and the manifestation of this sacred form in traditional arts, especially in traditional Iranian architecture and music are discussed.

Mandala is a Sanskrit term, meaning "circle". As a proper noun, it is applied to the square or the circle or a combination of the two forms, regarded as sacred in Hindu and Buddhist thought.

It is employed in the basic design of temples and artistic designs.

Ancient Hindu texts refer to Mandala. These symbols occupy a place of importance in Hinduism, Buddhism, Tibetan Lamaism and Japanese Esoteric Buddhism.


Research: Culture, History & Theory


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