Negar Amiqi

Hand-Woven by Shahseven Tribe

Carpet: Shahseven Kilims
Negar Amiqi: BA Thesis in Textile Design, Art University, Tehran, 1999
As we don't consider the tribal hand-woven neither for their application as cover or carpet, nor on our tribal, religious and ideological beliefs, these hand-woven appear us as the astonishing pictures, which prioritize the modern works of twentieth century.

How tribal women can create such harmony from color and formation in full seclusion and in hard conditions of living? Powerful geometrical structure, which has been created according to the logical succession of forms and colors, is like a modern painting, describing the feeling and enthusiasm of their creators; it shows fancy, imaginary and dreamy world. These astonished designs, remained from centuries, provides us a great source of applying form and color.

Represented works, based on the images of Shahseven kilims, are samples of the application of the kilim's images in the design of textile of the furniture. Shahsevens are among the most important tribes of the northwest of Iran. They have a great variety of image and color in their hand-woven. These images, Star, dragon, scorpion, tree of life, flower, birds and animals reflects nature; these images are used as the repeat figures.

In some kilims, repeated motifs are applied in horizontal bands and they are separated by narrower bands with more delicate designs. In some others, there is just some color bands, with no image. In others, there is a repeated embossed star-motif-shape in the middle and there are margins at the four sides.

In the following works, motifs and images have been arranged in a new combination, with no limitation. Used colors are all  colors applied in kilims, and just in some works, the design is created with new colors.

These images have symbolic application; some of these are:

Dragon: god of the weather, guard for "tree of life", supporter of the secret of the galaxy
Peacock: This is the symbol of good fortune.
Scorpion: The weaver support herself/himself against this poisoned animal.
Star: It is the sign of happiness, mostly eight-full asterisk.

Works (Gouache on Board)
Cock (Blue)
Cock (Red)
Goat (Green)
Goat (Orange)
Leaves and Branches
Life Tree (Green)
Life Tree (Red)
Peacock (Blue)
Peacock (Red)
Scorpion-shaped Stars (Green)
Scorpion-shaped Stars (Yellow)

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