Research: Iran

Ali Abdol-Rezai

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Ali Abdol-Rezai
Poetry, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
I was reciting poem when she knocked the gate
I jumped over the sofa and Granazi flowerpot
and in the silence that was thrown on the water
I heard the sound of turning lock and the door that was pulled back
I saw myself behind the door
like the day that I was in the mirror
still he was ringing the bell
without saying anything like the day I was in the mirror
it entered the house and shook my hands
the hand that shut the gate and throw it out of the house.

I have not walked this long poem to return
I am standing behind the gate and ringing again and again
I know! The last couplet lines in this alley.
Neither am I in the corner of the store
which was full of old shoes
nor the corner of the world
which is the store of the dead
I'm here
ah mirror, watch me for a while!
Should I die
what matters
if the sun shines
or there is no kerosene,
your mistake happened always in that highway
which said return!
I walk out of old picture frames
step into the street
return to the other side of muddy walls
to empty myself of boredom of seeing the old man who is standing in the shade
he walks out of old picture frames
and escapes into himself
so that the face that has survived in a letter in my book
can return to the opposite walls.


Research: Iranian Contemporary Poems

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