Alireza Behnam
Iranian Poet

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Alireza Behnam

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Alireza Behnam
What a joy is my day what a joy
when Karl Waters sings
lambs of the crying out of dizziness
make an Ascent
and a slant woman flatten a rope on the Globe
what a joy is today at least just today
Karl Waters makes a lift from the corners
and at the madhouse some alms cookies 
the crying pushes towards conjectural hands dizzy hands 
Guernika! Someday a woman raised a rope
Guernika! Paper! The latest news
Guernika! Karl Waters escapes this on top of the hands
there is a rope over the Globe in black
and a woman comes back from Guernika
what a joy is my day what a joy
Hanging From The Trees Of Babylon
At the end
Ill come down
in my a thousand years form
hanging from the towers of Choghazanbil
and there is something within me
which throws language to the battlements of the tower
you will praise me
thatís clear
in form of an old man 
hanging from the trees of Babylon
Athennes will rise within me
and Paris
and Persepolis
and many many languages
Cut me to pieces! 
every piece will come as a word
and will encircle your eyes
Hurray is within me
and rising of the language beyond Pluto
and Arthemis` herd
and rebellion of disobedient words
the whole are within me
and I, 
in my a thousand years form
will be thrown
from the virgins painted on temples walls
to the shadows emerging from your computer
and being thrown is within me
ask me! 
ask me about the future 
Ill reply in Babylonian
Standing over the windows 
they rob 
our dreams 
opening a window to our dreams 
they rob 
the apple 
and Eve 
they take it to the closet 
and our dreams 
never come to an interpretation
Itís my half that is burning
I began in a half
And hanging gardens over your head
In my half burned half's
Creates myths 

I began in a half
In a half I began
In a half
In aÖ

And half the earth 
Burns in me to the end
It is my half that is burning
From the gardens of beginning in a half
To the earth burned of
I fell down
And the sky
On shoulders of my half
Burns slowly

Itís my half that is burning

The name of sky I burned by
And the earth
The name of the town
The name of me
The name of you 
The name of every poem in the world
I burned by to my half

Itís my half that is burning

I began in a half
And my hanging half
In the gardens over your head
Is drifting
And my hanging half
Is drifting
And my hanging half
And my half
And half
Over The Windows
Drifting shadows 
over the windows 
my ethereal form 
in their hands 
and a kiss of silence 
with their gaze 
where the darkness 
directs in to the silence 
the darkness dancing with the silence 
and the blind shadows 
with their hands over my ethereal form 
over the windows
My yesterday whirligigs 
spin by the wind
I twist and go with the wind


Research: Iranian Contemporary Poems


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