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Azita Qahreman

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Azita Qahreman
Nobody is there, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
appears in the ruthless eyes of death
with cotton shoes 
and drops a bitter drops of water
into your teacup.

There is no hand
to weave long and red strings
from the vermilion evening sky
and to draw the form of a lark
over the curtains of oblivion.

Nobody is there
and the tik-tak sound of the clock
over the forehead of the house
looks like the beating of a wound.
Several Simple Sentences
The wind retreats
the sea recedes
something happens in a corner of the court
with several simple sentences;
pink blots on a yellow sail
and several lighted candles in the song of birds.
Like a blind person
you touch the wall of minutes
you walk from the house into the street
and vanity
is the continuation of a long skirt
which with monotonous rustle
brings with you
dry leaves and grass,
pieces of paper and dust.

This is a wood
that you have brought
to kindle a light
in a town that its collar
smells after autumn
and a house
whose hand is snowy.


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