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Effat Kimiayi

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Effat Kimiayi
Invitation, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
Wheat and grain are you
you are rain and wheat 
thirst composes a sound from your frame
man is quenched with you 
and when I walk to your house 
the fragrance of amber washes my hands
you wash my eyes 
and you light my lamp
and wash by heart with the sea. 
I join you
I join the race that emit the aroma of fresh bread and song.

Wheat and rain you are,
you are rain and wheat... who are wheat-like rain!
Poem 7
it can no more serve me 
I presented by artificial redness of lips
to the gypsy girl
so that
she would sell
beads, agate and mirror
with coyness
against a coin
I stood
without an intermediary;
I'm a sun and in front of me a world
with artificial red lips.
Poem 10
Half of the people
form half of the mirror and
the window forms the other half
now wherever you lay it
"the sky bears the same color".
Half of the world continually
makes locks and
polishes stones
now wherever you lay it
either it breaks your half
or locks your other half.
Our arms are supposed to form a fence for the mirror and
the windows are to be set facing each other
so that we can recover the world from inside.


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