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Farzin Houman-far

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Farzin Houman-far
Monaliza, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
the atelier is cold
a picture of non-existent object has fallen on me
I have turned to a poem on the wall
a golden hand has grown from my body
in chains
I have raised my head to see what I'm doing
and I have so much truth in me
that I won't swear
my smile
is a response to the smile of that lady in the portrait
there is no resemblance between us matching ones
except that we are both standing
and time is rounder than earth...
my whirling heads rotates without a sun
I attest that:
other suns are evolve in other places
whose speech keeps me busy

I confess
that your look has reached me with delay
a close star
all of us are in contact with death
the wound under my foot
is because I have been tarried
sign for the sake of passage 
- your look - 
opposite pilgrim
under hands over my breast
where here I
am thousand persons
in locked mirrors.
Your Lifeless Body
Your body 
is a crowded city
in which
dead girls are still walking
now somebody is drowning
in you
which is the sea itself

with a heart full of sky
and a lie warmer than the sun
the fog
is a beautiful frame
to get nude
for your lifeless body
with rain
and frenzy that now and then blossoms
at the foot of wild ivies.
White Silence
is the silence between two steps
- the sound of non-arrival -

is a word that sits well in the heart in this interval
whatever season it may be.


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