Hamid Ahmadi

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Hamid Ahmadi

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Hamid Ahmadi
Doesn't have
No door, no window, no wall

I am amazed, however, how to enter
On the Line
When you satisfy yourself with hearing my voice on the phone
First, my kisses are faded away from my mind
Then my lips

Smile, smile
My dream will be more beautiful tonight
You go sleep on somebody's shoulder
You wake up on another's one

You are wandering between the shoulders for you
Green Street
I love the green street, with you
In its cool shadows, I often walk with you

You haven't passed the green street, have you?
Pure Song
I was whispering her
Turned out to be a pure song

She puts it in her handbag instead of mirror
Dinning Table of Loneliness
Didn't like to dine alone
Dined with himself
Had a mirror on the table
A dress
Was looking for its owner
In the wind
I Woke Up
No sun was calling me
No breeze caressed me
And no rain teased me

I woke up
You were looking at me
I Recognized Me
I passed, from myself
Didn't recognize him
He called me
I turned around
I stood there
I just recognized me
And then
He washed my hands
I stood still
Clean and gazing, shame stricken
Through my gaze, he entered and said: "Not to be repeated!"
I was not repeated
I don't want
to be in my bad looks, anymore
Your hands are my sister
But, they don't caress my hair

I wish
My eyes became your brother
When my hair is go gloomy
Build my house
On my father's corpse, and on my mother's
I want them to raise me again
I hear my laughter
To grow old together
I want the earthquake to disappear from our minds
The Bam to be enlivened again
To yield orange and lemon
To yield dates
Lukewarm Show
The tree was not white
Turned while, gradually

The bird was not quiet
Became quiet, gradually

Return to peace
Snow will be lukewarm again
Your stockings are blowing in the wind
Your feet are dancing on the rope

I was looking for your remaining
Have you taken your drawer's key with you?
From Button to Eves
You have come to know what to do with my buttons
You don't look for something in my eyes

But, me, even during my body's rebellion
Do not take my eyes off your soul
Seeing Off
Your smile
was taken away
By the train's whistle

For how long the share of flowerpots
shall only be water and weather?
Leave your cup with my attention

Don't worry
Amid the table's chaos and ours
Your neither will break nor pour


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