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Khatereh Hejazi

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Khatereh Hejazi
Love, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
In all my life someone was knocking at the door,
only once I dared to question him.
He said 
tired and ash,
should you fail to open the door, the wind will carry me away."
And I opened 
I summoned all the particles of my existence
and it was how I become a poet.
Dress for Thought
Let me pull out my jacket!
let me wear the dresses of my thought every day,
two shirts 
- one to wear,
- one to forgive. -

I wish to live with my thought
two clear sentences:
- one for nakedness
- one to donate.
Bullet is a defamation of the world,
let us talk with lead words.
Gun too is not a beautiful word,
let us think of a better choice,
earth is the last opportunity,
let us remember love.
it was not enough to think of a single cross
God has no more shield,
let us be ashamed.
The Place of Glance
Whatever wall he glanced,
two deep holes remained from his glance.
he walked;
- he pulled his legs out of earth one by one-
he had a heavy head.
he had a heavy heart,
and the scratching of his fingernails on earth
When he shut his eyes,
the twittering of her eye-lids,
looked like the slumber of an old door
in the wind's path which led to the graveyard;
and the moment that he went
he was relieved of the tension of awareness,
the trick of whim
was tearing his heart
like a carnivorous flower...

And for the sake of your scent
from behind the foliage of expectation,
He was gaily jumping when a bullet
sew the blackness of his eye
to the sky...


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