Mahmoud Motaqedi
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Mahmoud Motaghedi

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Mahmoud Motaghedi
On the Green Veranda of this Summer, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
When I'm ruined
the sound of bygone days
still gives me peace
I ramble a bit in your orchard,
I stand
and hear again
the song of olive and love;
on a small hilltop
there your songs
still reach my ear.
how beautiful you become!
on the green veranda of this summer
when the world
older than ever
is interpreted in your hair.
You will return
on the smile of the day that rainy streets
will dawn again in me.
Heavenly Songs
No new object
your arrival.
I wish you would return and
continue to lag behind
in empty villages of imagination
it is many years since
nobody knows himself so worn out than every day
it is time now 
that the footsteps of a burning love
should appear through wounded falls,
now you can hear the voice of the sky!
near the wind
heavenly songs
can still be heard.
Within the Sun's Neighborhood
On silent rocks
I can see your hidden beauty
where the world grows so peaceful
when watching you
is lost
in silent winds
soon I will sit in your look
I don't ever understand 
the difference of the day
in this manner
the breath of dawn
which is still warm with blood
will again come to me and
distant seas
will open my eyes with a lovely word
as if within the neighborhood of sun
some expecting person
is calling me.


Research: Iranian Contemporary Poems


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