Mana Aghaee
Iranian Poet

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Mana Aghaee

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Mana Aghaee
Come What May, translated to English by Niloufar Talebi
What can I do about the shortcomings of my limbs?
I have accepted that night is longer than my patience
And the moon farther than the dream of you
I have accepted that thoughts can live outside the body
Roam to a thousand places
I have resigned myself to the roundness of the earth
And that we have incidentally arrived at each other again
I have accepted that the impossible can become conceivable
If time ticked backwards--as it does Before Christ--
I would find the lips of my future 
Lover in your eyes. 
The fact that the mirror is not 
Willing to double your beauty,
The fact that I seem smaller 
Than myself on this side of the desk
Is not gravity's fault
I have accepted that every circle is taut
And that diameter can at best
Only divide circumference
Into two equal parts.


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