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Mehrdad Fallah

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Mehrdad Fallah
This Scale Cannot Measure , Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
The world doesn't push me aside
Life wants its share from me
empties my pocket of the share that it has not bestowed to me and
the apple which I have not touched
I abandon my ear to darkness
to hear the sound of oblivion
the sea doesn't permit
the sea is so deep
that makes me laugh.

As soon as I escape to my room
the alley takes holds of my collar
with its long hands
the word pushes me aside
the world steals my mouth
to speak its big words by my mouth
I am drowned
my fancy is devoured by the hungry mouth of a shell
hangs my fancy on its neck and
boast at the sky.
The sleeping man whose windows are closed
cannot hear the rain
he doesn't know that rain is falling
the awake whose window is open
hears the rain
and sees that the rain is falling.

The passerby who walks under the rain 
and feels the rain over the skin of his face
opens his mouth and says:


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