Mehr-noush Ghorban Ali
Iranian Poet

(Photo: Masoud)

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Mehr-noush Ghorban Ali

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Mehr-noush Ghorban Ali
Letís duel:
There is no antagonist
Neither a gun touches a finger
The backs against each other
Weíll go forward
Up to ten
The face who turns first can Ö
By the way,
What must we fire at?
A bullet will end
This separation
and witness days who pass
Without you
Now that our fingersí shadows superpose each other,
I Wonít draw in the sun shinís horn Ė who always Ė
Any more
Letís duel:
I Wonít give you back to the World.
The shadow whoís got out of breath Sees
Iím not beautiful today,

But I wish the eye
- Who is talking with the bookstoreís window -
had your face
when it turned.
what will be the destine of a marble
if it chooses for example
another way
and doesnít care about
the rule of play?
I am passing white and black steps
hearing othersí mouths say:
King is checkmated by a Soldier
what will be the destine of a marble 
of it puts its foot out of the line for example?
From the First
Slowness of a tortoise finally won
who didnít want to dream
and the legs of a Crazy twisted
who was running continuously
to pour his daysí dust
Curse on the Contest who form the first wanted
To destroy the dream of running 
in my eyes.
This is a Complete Siege
This is a complete siege
The days have lined up intricately
The pretexts Ė for arresting you Ė arenít few
Iím being paraded
by these minutes which turn
their back on every union
The clockís shouting, can you hear?
This tuneís exploded
because of the silence of mine
Timid Soldiers can not even run away!
It doesnít depend on my order that a helicopter
Sits on the clockís plate
And saves your arms form this crowd
24 hours are pulling us form behind 
The programs which are running every ward
Timid Soldiers can not even run away!
This is a complete siege
Iím being paraded
by these minutes which turn
their back on every union
Is it a formal announcement for war?
Iíve come to save Some one
who doesnít know what retreat is.


Research: Iranian Contemporary Poems


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