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Mirza Aqa Askari

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Mirza Aqa Askari
Your voice, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
Your voice
illuminates the time
the stone too
and the dark butterfly which is my heart.
Your voice
is an unfolding silk
which fills the atmosphere
the mouth of silence
and the dark mummy soul which is me!
It is a refulgent star
which rolls and rolls
and wears off from itself
the twisted dress of darkness,
because your voice
is the beginning of humanity
and its end.
When the horizon opens its lip
your voice pours out
to enlighten
and earth.
Your voice 
gives form to love,
to the soul
and the vague thoughts of the abyss.

The sea is such a phenomenon
that adapts itself with 
the bouncing dance of swimmers.
The sea, is your voice,
which opens its arms
for dancing words.
The voice of the sea
is your song
which make me shine;
neither the light has weight
nor the melody of your voice
which descends like silk 
on the world's body;
the word "love"
has been extinguished 
in the human house of oblivion.
Your voice
the house of oblivion,
and love's name even!
In the house
I own a lonely bird,
my wife too.
Two lonely files
and me,
ah how man is alone!


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