Rouh-anguiz Karachi

Research: Iran

Roohangiz Karachi

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Roohangiz Karachi
Geography of freedom
The memory of my youth
I take from my photos
Sailing on the words’ storm 
My mind’s heralds
Voyage to dreamland.

From the east of what wrath 
Have we raised … that to us?
Death’s gate is the geography of freedom?
Robed in doubt, 
It was cold
Dark had rained 
Sorrow-land was turning to ashes
Men were dead
In the world’s bewildered lines
I got lost barer than silence 
And my throat weary of love
A vain nagging I was,
An old dove’s boredom cooing;
What scares by stone words of wrath? 
The decaying memory chamber
And everywhere a snake-lair! 

Happy stay … O Woman!
The mirror cry
Once the Death’s bell tolled
Panicky I stood before the mirror
It was all gloom
I heard not the mirror cry.


Research: Iranian Contemporary Poems


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