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Safoura Nayeri

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Safoura Nayeri
Two Orange Hands, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
Listen and hear.
a sound
from the thin maple leaves,
at the warm atoms of air,
and heart to heart 
reaches between me and you.

I wish 
I would own
my childish heart,
like the laudanum,
never, never I would have grown so big
- so bitter -

I was pouring
orange perfume
on my childhood tresses;
an orange perfume
from the water permeated stalks of laudanum
- which was whirling
between two baby tooth's and to rosy lips -
which dropped on my heart
and reached my heart.

Sit down and listen.
in its green and white leaves,
conceals a secret
which it will expose to us, if
we return to our early childhood:

- We must look at a laudanum
we must look 
and think of a garden full of laudanum....

I would not have grown so bitter
if two laudanum's,
two orange hands
- your childhood hands -
would sit
on my childhood tresses,
and would say:
"Surely, never, never,
you shall grow."
When I Was Calling You
When I was calling you,
a garden full of silk tasseled acacia
used to wake
on my lips
and a breeze
which issuing from all the plants in the universe,
my larynx.

Sad fingers
the magic flute played the ancient tales,
and with the soft touch of each finger,
and from each hole,
the while bows of lime flowers,
in a smooth pink air.

When I was calling you,
I understood
that each tale can 
in a small room:
the prince of yellow rose, the Div and the fairy,
beside each other,
rekindled on the wall and
held the 
gray spectacles
in which the soul of these imprisoned personages were imprisoned
in front of the light
and with a sad and childish agreement,
they opened the lid.

When I called you
the heart - a wandering planet -
stopped and
with fascination
to the answer of fingers
were groaning
on a love hole,
a death hole...
To Wash Away...??
Could I manage to wash away
in the water,
I would carry you 
to a distant spring,
which I know from long time ago
in a familiar mountain; 

I would wash your hands
in its clear bosom,
I would wash in its clear bosom
your forehead, eyelid, cheeks and heart,
and would dry it
on a blue lily leaf.

With a moist gaze,
you were smiling
and like the gazelle
I rained
violent and dark stones 
on the plain.

Beside wild bushes 
- concealed in colorful wild flowers 
we would lay our body
on the earth,
and would sing:
Could we 
mount sadness
on the wind
and let it fly away.


Research: Iranian Contemporary Poems


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