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Shams Aqa-jani

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Shams Aqa-jani
She Comes Without Previous Warning, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
Now dear friend! What news from God
between a teacup, two lumps of sugar and a radio
only God is absent
with half drunken teacup I have decided to confess:
"A strange resemblance
its resemblance to strangeness is quite strange!
you are the most sophisticated simple girl
you are more detailed than all hopes
our time has been wasted
O pure feeling of descending on an alien world
our time has been wasted
I tied your body to my head
I wrapped my head in your tresses,
I too was twisted like you O the most sophisticated simple girl!
It seems that God has also come.
Good morning; a merry morning! How are you?

Though I am the highest authority in this house I am afraid of God
it is enough to knock at my back with your finger
She comes without warning
like the echo of silence between two consecutive shouts
she comes without warning
with an empty teacup I have decided to confess:
between the teacup , two sugars and a radio
and a sophisticated me
there is no room for her
our time is wasted
it is enough to knock at my back with your finger.
Green Eye
One day I saw a hand stretch to the length of a camel
it trotted in the middle of the sea
pulled out two fishes and ate one of them before it was out of the water
three frogs jumped out of his foaming mouth 
the one who was a more steady lover fell on the ground
and died
and grew in a way that the earth grew green.
I who was sitting there remembered your eyes.
Do you leave them always in every place in the world?


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