Wasan Khurshid Khattak

Research: Pakistan

Wasan Khurshid

Literature: Poems
We learned in childhood
We listen every time
Be nice
Be peaceful 
But we have to hear and see still
Blasted innocence bodies 
Countless soulís screeching
A clasp crying still
What are directions, our moving?
Are the tracks going to peace?
We learned in childhood
Be nice
Be peaceful 
Light & Dark
Light for life
Dark for dead
You are free 
What you desire 
Life or dead
The law of nature
Life for once
Dead for ever
Destroy all weapons
Live with peace
Far from war
Play with stars
The Pray
O, My God 
Illumine ours soul
As peaceful as cool 
Widen majesty and glee 
Shower on our hearts
Keep us away too far 
From battle, from wars 
We lost many centuries
In humans ego races
We lost many souls
We lost many tears 
O, My God 
Illumine ours soul 
As peaceful as cool


Research: Poems
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