Research: Tajikistan

Dara Nejat

Literature: Poems of Tajik Poet, Dara Nejat
At The Leili's Alley
my Majnoun broken body
at the alleys
full of separation of Leili
a tousle hair brunet
twisted to the naked of the knees
and my bottom's head earthenware;
on the pool of my eyes' rain
but, still
my pride flap the wings
that my General
in war, Love
and my shoulder-strap of the sparrow's nest
I have no time
unless, the opportunity of the exercise
That I
should smile
at the death's time
Wrinkle in Sand
Your ringlet
was the brush-painting of the wind
that the ornament images of the closed fortune
is put to my sole
as the bridges of the wrinkle
to the sand's hill


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