Research: Tajikistan

Mohammad Ali Ajami

Literature: Poems of Tajik Poet, Mohammad Ali Ajami
I want to go jungle
and be a tree
in city, no one has the time to say hello
Always, I hear you
even, I call myself
what exercises has love
From the tree of woman's body
should pick off love
apple is the fancy of ignorant
Yesterday, the village of your city
has everything, which was mine
Today, I'm vagrant in the city of your hands
I passed through all the clouds
for the sun of your hands
I understood from your lips
that how beautiful is the cherry's garden
Who lived fire
will grow again from the ash of death
and I have a lot of words
that I write leaf's mourning
for the death of a tree
Tree from the feeling of the leaf
greened finely
sparrow is not little more
what left from us, is love
what left from city, window


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