Angie F. Maher
American Poet & Graphic Designer
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Angie Maher
Literature: Poems

New Jersey, Dec. 1998  

Though I am not a bird
I can fly high and far
to an unknown future
... Where the stars search for a sky... to be
... Where the earth awaits for the sun, to reach beyond the clouds
... Where the rivers stretch their bodies to meet the ocean
and...Where the galaxies become one, in... nothingness!
... When I am with you.

Though I'm not crazy
I loose my mind
... Like a Yogi gone deep in heavens
... Like a tornado, crushing the past and thriving the future
... Like the tides sacrificing their bodies to reach the shore
and... like a drunk , intoxicated with the beauty of the subliminal world
... When you hold me in your arms
and I feel that I am in you.

Though I lost control on the path of happiness
... Like a lost child on a crowded street
... Like a lonely leaf on a dead branch
and... like a flower with no pedals
I find myself... not a child
but......... a woman, with you.

Though I may seem uncertain
... When the seasons change
... When the sun will shine
and... when you look in me and our souls intertwine for ever
.................. believe me
the one who has my heart... is you.

New York, May 1998  

I looked in your eyes
when you said goodbye

there was a deep ocean
that longed to drown me, yet was shy

I trembled inside for a moment
turned away and thought....... love is a lie

with the last look my body froze........
we were eye to eye as I said bye

now I knew I had to live with a memory 
that comes to me with every sigh

the night went by, and a day or two 
all my heat desired was to cry

a thousand dreams nested in my heart 
so precious, so new, I wanted to fly

people pay a high price for freedom
a voice whispers in my ears........"Give it a try"!

my body is cold as I burn in your thoughts
waiting for the moment to see you and again........say hi!

New Jersey, May 1998  

In the heart of silence
I hear your voice...
...coming to the room
with all the mystery standing on your shoulders
I feel ...your presence… your touch...
that fills every cell in me... with warmth
...that makes my heart beat rise.
and imprisons my breath, in the cage of my chest

hesitates as my eyes turn
to reflect your image in the mirror of their memory...
............ I look
the walls are silent 
the walls are empty.................................................. you are just a dream...!
My Baby

New Jersey, Dec. 1998  

seconds go by
minutes... hours and days
bright rays of the sunlight 
keep my eyes and pull my body away from the planet of dreams
... A place, where me and you have lived for ever

my pupils circle the room
the walls of the past -and to be forgotten
the walls of the years of emptiness
that are to be shattered forever

.A flame rises from the crevices of my chest my heart and in my eyes
..and it keeps rising... and keeps rising in to the future

The steam of desire and love
the sigh of wanting an unreachable soul
the anxiety...
the taste of freedom
the taste of love...

Oh... how unbelievable it is to know

I have found my baby!

........Can't stop now!
Many Voices

New Jersey, July 1998  

Many voices
in the past

many souls

Eyes that looked upon my life
lips that read me the fairy tale of a prince who find his princes...

smiles that tried to capture my heart
arms that tried to surround my body

they passed through
carrying a shiny bubble of empty promise in their hands...
... looking at me
and leaving... like a ghost

no bonds... no attachment... no memory...

and I... waited in the dark...
quietly... for a special moment,
a spark in the ashes
for someone who shares the same memory
someone who doesn't fit in the society of ghosts

that makes me wonder
and wonders why two stars meet on earth
and... I, ... find me ....... in him

maybe it's faith... Maybe luck
maybe that is how god makes our destiny

whatever it maybe,
I will wait for that precious moment
somewhere in a twilight of dream and reality
to find my nest in someone's heart

... who understands the true meaning of love
and... who will discover my heart!

New York, June 1998   

There will be a night
when the shining stars
will come down like rain
and fill the earth with their magic lights
and some will crown my hair
and some will dance with the moon
and sing with the river

and the leaves will applaud their opening ceremony of happiness

there will be a day
when the sun will trust the clouds
and Gazelles will stand up to the lions
and harmony will not have to search for freedom

there will be a time when harmony will find happiness!
Out of the dark

New Jersey, June 1998  

Like the see through color of the ocean
and reflection of honesty in a drop of water,
and the softness of the clouds........

There is an indescribable feeling
standing on the edge of a cliff.....
between dream and reality

... the exhaustion of the years behind
and the joyful thoughts of the years ahead,

........ I wonder!

there is a time... a place
so close
in an unknown city 
where I will be telling you

You have touched my soul

I see the dawn, for the first time !

New Jersey, April 2001  

I walk with you on a see through surface
and we'll travel where we're led by the wind

I walk with you to the end of memories
on an equal path

... and I will be I,
and you will be you

without needs
just wants and desires

I walk with you till there is nothing but love

I walk with you to the forest of jewels
... to the kindness of angels
with no weight on my shoulders
no chains of entrapment on my arms
no memories of the past
no tears in my eyes
and no hurts in my heart

plain like the desert
fluid like the sea
easy like a dream..........

I walk with you on a straight line on a page of my dairy
and live with you in a drop of water

Take my hand and walk with me..........!
I lived a lie

New Jersey, Aug. 2001  

I lived a lie
I loved a lie

the green forest of my campsite
was the jungle of beasts

the calming sound of the ocean
was the scream of the wildest thunder

the traveling of the hearts to the moon
was the crumbling of the souls on earth

the promises of trust and happiness
was the stage for the final show of the scorpion

I lived a lie
I loved a lie
Milad 1001

New Jersey, April 2004  

You the beautiful soul
under the rubble of hurts
overcast by the clouds of mistrust
covered by the iron shell

I have knocked on your window
let me in
I am softer than the clouds
you can touch me
I am fluid as water.....
you can drink me
I am music in you ears..........
If you choose to listen
I am angel in your eyes 
if you choose to see

take a moment .......and see me thorough
see me through.
hey you....
the beautiful soul

I light a candle
every now and then
for those who passed 
and left a memory,...that bonds us together

Can you see now, ....
Why god glanced at you....?
When you were showered by the bath of your father's memory...!

I've seen you through 
you beautiful soul
let love take over your heart
once again

I will hold your hands till you reach the throne in your kingdom
and you will be called , ..."your majesty"
your majesty,
only then you will know love has no walls, no boundaries
no rules to make it perfect

only then you will know ...
Life of a Butterfly

New Jersey, June 2004  

It was bigger than the moon
brighter than the stars
lighter than the clouds
softer than velvet

It was a whisper in my ears
an echo in the valley
a shadow under the moonlight
a bubble in the air

It was a tiny moment
surrounded in warmth
wrapped in happiness
found by love

It was being mesmerized by the colors of the rainbow
a childhood dream
a twilight zone
on the wings of a butterfly

It was all that could be 
a shiny bubble
empty of heart 
empty of soul...

New Jersey, April 2005  

Your claws ran through my chest
and took my beating heart to a soulless city

Now that you're gone?..
Leave my heart 
Go a thousand miles, till you reach within the iron gates of a forbidden palace
and live there forever be certain that my arms won't reach you
and my eyes won't glance at you 
and you won't be threatened by the sound of my laughter

I will erase your memory ?
and forgive myself for loving

Go away, my dear, my love
a thousand miles, so far, till you are out of reach
and attach yourself to other destinies, not mine

If you leave, I will thank you
for I don't have the power to love 
I don't have the power to hurt

Just let me be
Let me be???

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