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Ali Asqar Ataollahi
Literature: Poems
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An ancestor is a green nenuphar
who drinks from seven thirsty seas.
That's why 
I twist round the love, like this!


you are coming
you are going
round the fence of the rain,
Your hair was twisting


learnt canaries sing with your voice.
Sit on my tired shoulders,
and bear your velvety voice.


a wave in your blood,
a spark in your eyes.
Whom have you heard "I love you"?


Spring has come,
with an armful greet, as if.
The sun grows in your look.
had you risen from the roof or in my dreams?
Just for you
I tell my unique insanity,
my young insanity,
O, the lady of the world's ladies!
Just for you
I open my most secret hidden world.
The Last Solomon's Song
All those paths should have been taken.
all those stony paths,
all those,
should have been passed,

So that I can join you,
on the day of my end,
as much as so many jails

I was gloomy
I was imprisoned
as much as so many ages.
You called me with my name,
and the world became my favorite
Why should I hide my wounds?
O' my sovereign!

I am the summary of the world's lovers.
I am the most beautiful world of love
I am the last Solomon.
my overflowing has no end.
the high porch of your forehead,
calls me to prostrate,
When I look at you.

The sky loses two stars,
when you close your eyes

my heart is the patch of your love garment.
Just for you,
I open the door of my heart.

You, just look into the heart.
what a roar it has!
it disgraces me, look!
The light displaces,

When you walk in the room,
having no ability to admire you,
the words shelter to me with shame.
and I just look at you
and your kindness,
fills my soul and my heart beats.
The six sides of the times memory,
will be cleared,
when you look at me.
I stop right away,
(and) the moments of your kindness,
change to the eternity,
as long as it is.
The past nullifies in the calendar.

So long are the afternoons in the absences of you
When I imagine you,
a nice scent comes in my sight.
you put a point,
in the end of my last day.
Today begins with the name of you
all my next day is formed by you

I bend and put my head on your threshold
Your presence is encouragement
O' my unique "wish" in life!
Today, I have you
The next day, the world is mine

What does the spring
-who once a year-
have to say you?
you - that all the seasons are green by you -
I love you
Your intelligence sings the most beautiful poems.
Your beauty is my best poem
The most secure part of the world,
is beside you.
by me immortal suppress!

So long and boring are the afternoons
in the absence of you.
Your look makes the alley sunny
in a unique morning,
Your usual scent,
goes in the alley,
sensationally and wonderfully.

the day is a sunny day by your eyes,
by your young skin,
Which extends my joy.

Tomorrow, when I am born,
When I open my eyes,
I'll see you.
Take my hands,
burn me all through,
for there's no limit with my joy.
everything is mine.

Tomorrow, when I tell you about my "born",
give a whisper,
Scatter your scent like a breeze,
in the kitchen, in the room.

O' you, with the hair knitted by the night!
Just, I look at you.
nothing can get me a bit off all this joy.
O, the purity of mirror!
O, the honesty of water!
The life you gave me,
makes my days spring.

I love you.
The expressive voice! nice and gentle!
I'm looking for you
The alley's air
is filled with your "breath".
I come up to you,
with a slow haste.
The alley is lit up in your regard.

A day is meeting us,
With no sunset,
Like your luminosity,
Like my feverish.
I take your hand with a gentle rough.
O' the most intimate of mine!
O' the wonderful architecture!
With my kindness,
I'll protect you from harms.

I desire you.
What a nice and gentle song you have!
The wind is restless of it.
What did you tell to the breeze?
That it has much a good scent.
and causes thousand songs
in the mouth of the flower?

O' "the expressive voice!"
how nice love has settled.
in the rareness of your mouth,
on your teeth rows,
in your hasty breath,
on your shoulders.
I kneel for this happy omen
I admire, admire, admire

Say nothing!
I hear you.
I call you with my soul.
Throw the kiss that you've hidden,
on top of your fingers.
Perhaps your fingers will close my lips
in the time of farewell.

Research: Iranian Contemporary Poems


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