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Fanous Bahador-vand

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Till will not die
The innocent words
within poisonous fingers

Poem climbs
beside you.

Oh Liberty
O unbelievable presence

read a poem
more  beautiful

than reeds' twigs.

Were not love a short cut?
Do you arrive late or me?
There... beside the lagoon
or here...
beside my open arms!
may the night comes
may it rains
I'll bring you the last lantern!
Poem and the Man
It was night and the man
The night-watch man had no feet

The fem put her extended hands within his big hands

Under the moon light
The man was only lips and sound
The sound came to the lips
Poem to wisdom
and night to silence

The moonlight disappeared behind the darkness from a fillip of a mulish black cloud.

The man was only lips and sound
and overflowing hands.

At night
The fem was nothing but
the thought of a dreamy little lantern.

Despite the fact
The man drawn the night to poetry.
To praise Peace
for three consonents only
S-L-H * 

Only for thee and father's voice
harmonious with swallows.
Only for thee and lilies of southern ponds

and that young look continuance.
I want to compose thee a poetry
as white as lilies
bored of many plies reasons
and a planet that calls thee 

and thee
connection of voice- smile-life

and me
let me be unadorned
beside your syllables.

In Persian language peace is written  
which is composed of three consonants: -- 
May-Lady (Translated from Persian to English by Malek Taj Tayarani)
May calls me mad and oppressor
from behind forty feminine figures
and forty seven stop stroke!

Whenever I meet you,
I grow.
I pick up the pink apple blossom
hand you half and chew the other half,
till next May,
till next birth.

I sew silk dress out of apple smell
and blossom odor
and trust jasmine blossom in my ear.

You too,
keep your eyes half-open
till I stop hearing the blast of bomb-
the noise of childish crying and breaking palm,
till makes you close your eyes
on my fingers-sore




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