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Faramarz Soleimani

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Faramarz Soleimani
Vernal Larynx, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
The spring that slides
from the broken lute of the throat
on a support
for a while;
on the rock
its vernal larynx

the lover of the ice flower.
Vernal Larynx
The banner of a song
from the valley
creeping advances
in its heavenly pursuit,
the sun spreads
over the province of its throat.
Vernal Larynx
its song
in the mountain
of its heart's shape,
the rocky statue,
into its garden's throat
Vernal Larynx
Within its fancy's embrace,
it rubs its face
in pursuit of
the pride of fascination,
the rustle of its voice
with the trembling sensation,
strikes the plectrum
on its throat's string.
Vernal Larynx
A spell on its dream,
a spell
on the trembling of its throat
a twist
at its look,
a shriek
at its fingers' tip,
a vertigo
on its dream
the garden
on its vernal throat.
With the dialect of the world
from the sun,
the dragonfly 
flaps its wings
in a thousand rainbows.
Nostalgia (Tatoos on his arms...)
Tattoos had paled on his arms 
his mustache had whitened, thinly scattered,
he was shutting his eyes
for he was not allowed to see.
I asked him where was the sea?
He pointed to walls.
I asked for pharos.
He was content with neon lights.
I inquired about his hands.
He spoke of autumn.
I talked about storm.
He pointed to the shipwrecked
which were stranded at the coastal piers.
The tired sailor of waters
had settled at the wilderness.
Nostalgia (When I return home...)
When I return home
mother expects me,
she stands with water, mirror and the Quran at the doorstep,
and father
has gone for expedition many years ago;
my sisters and brothers have immigrated elsewhere,
and your sisters
and brothers
have escaped the songs of their homeland,
and our neighbors
are sleeping at the bridal chambers at the cross-roads,
the town is thus 
with silence and death.
you return home. 

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