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Let Us Interpret The Greenness, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
I thought me and you could interpret greenness
And break the shell and discover love and pureness;

Let's shut the eyes of the thirsty stream in motion
And open it, when it approaches the ocean;

None speaks of desire, I can't see it in this dale,
Where is the fire, which with the heart must dwell?

With sea waves let's fly high and higher,
And for ever fill our heart with desire;

One night, let's dwell with eglantine; then
Like the dear, let us loiter in the plain;

Oh Solomon, recite your poems to me, recite
So from flower garlands new poems we can write;

Till then must Belqis sit on the temporary throne
Lets find a better messenger to end her groan;

Let's confess and deny our secrets to the breeze
Which from the charming darling's quarter flees.
I See One More Autumn Passing Away
I count its steps, as the autumn passes away,
Its mournful march is without a sympathizer;

All the way, I poured on its feet to grace it,
Now, it goes without me and kindness;

I strew the anemones of my eyes on its path,
Behind each petal, I see the youth that dies.

I know it well, it is a gloomy sunset,
I see its pale shadow, bent like a bow.

Never on friendly terms with life,
It departs like rain from life's twin eyes.

In the gallery of verse and the fervid town
It treads the streets with suspicious frown.

So despairing of gardens, spring and the sun,
It passes with dark eyes and a secret pain.

I gaze at it, not with bodily eyes, but the heat's eyes.
My life marches with it to an unknown destination.

I have senses its ocean-like heart,
Although it treads dry wastes.

Greener than the March orchard, I look at it,
Once more, against my wishes, the autumn passes away.
I Saw You in a Dream
I had taken your glance
your glance
I had taken it to another spring
how well you heard my words
you eye looked kindly to me,
your look
your hat.
your came only for an hour
and left early
and I picked up the luster of moments;
in the late night
I gave light to these moments.
I had carried 
your glance to the depth of the root,
to the gates of anemone and heart
and I - presented blue of moments
- what a surprise...
to the index of dreams...
Drop, drop, drop
the pain is dropping
from veins
from eyelids
up to ... you.
Your body is painful and tired
it is the worshiping spot of lovers
who in the millennium of understanding and earth
bind today
to tomorrow
and tie submission
by eyelid and blood!
to the warm Baluch sands
and to the cool moments of noon
under the Abyaneh poplars!!
In a Span of God's Earth
It is the rain
that opens its way into my eyelids
and my soul
awaits the key of a rented room.
I have searched all the town!
I watch the trees...
How cheerful they are?...
Each tree is obliged to God's earth
to the size of a span where it stands!
to the size of a footprint;
and I ... and you...
we gain that span of earth
when are no more standing!!


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