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Hamid Mossadeq

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Hamid Mossadeq
Prelude (Blue, Gray , Black), Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
You laughed at me
And you didn't know
With what trepidation 
I stole the apple
From the neighbor's garden.

The gardener ran after me,
He saw the apple in your hand
And looked at me angrily.

The half eaten apple dropped from your hand on the ground
And you left and still
For many years in my ear 
The clatter of your repeated footsteps
Is bothering me,
And I am thinking,
Lost in meditation,
- Our small house
Didn't possess apple.
From the Passage of Wind
O my kind darling,
I love you,
like the meadow in the plain,
like the green leaves of the elm tree.

The new criteria of beauty
Can best be compared with your tall figure.
Your strange beauty is a new criteria
With strange and ample alienation,
Like my poetry
- And this is a joke! 

Are taller 
Than the maple tree,
Than the snow peak of Alvand mountain,
And far kinder than
The gentle and silent breeze of Shiraz,
In the fresh orchard lanes;
And your hand,
Your delicate hand, resembles the flowers of the orchard, 
When they have newly blossomed;
And my poems
- This clear stream -
Encompasses your glorious image.

I am the explorer of your beauty's genius.
Men of Adventure
Where are our seafarers?
Those men of adventure and sleepwalkers
Are slumbering in their sleep.

With these giant whales
- These whales;
O what must be done?
Men of adventures,
The seafarers
Are slumbering in their sleep.

In slumbering waters
In watery slumbers,
With the waves of the surging sea,
With the rising waves of tumultuous sea,
It is no time to sleep.
The seafarers
Are slumbering in their sleep,
Sleeping in heavy waters,
The water of slumbers;
From each coast flying high,
The river of comets,
And atop the wandering ship,
An army of eagles.
Our seafarers
Are drawn in their sleep.

The spring of what tide
During the war,
Will pull out 
Our seafarers 
From their heavy slumbers?

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