Research: Iran

Mahmoud Kianoush

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Mahmoud Kianoush
FactoryTranslated to English by Manavaz Alexandrian
every button is connected to a generator
it's the work of iron and the arm
at every corner a steel giant
sleeps on the oily floor
spewing a world of fume
there is an old friendship between patience
and tuberculosis in the chests of men.

Here the roaring typhoon of a thousand wheels
sucks the blossoms of words
off your lips before they bloom
and throws them out the chimney.

this is the storehouse of constant noisy explosions
voiceless lip gestures signal between hearts
every breast is a furnace, fueled by remembrance
remembering sunset
(when iron gates turn on their heels
and tired oily men
rush out silently
   in clusters)
remembering evening and home...
   how good, ah!
to learn back and relax
Kids making noise
the sound of pots and spoons in the kitchen
and then sleep,
   s-l-e-e-p ...


Research: Iranian Contemporary Poems


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