Research: Iran

Mohammad Reza Shafii Kadkani

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Mohammad Reza Shafii Kadkani
Passage, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
The march continues and night walks at the margin,
The mountain heights and plains of the traveler
Have found their shape again and brightness
- which is the creator of existence -
Created them again.

The march continues and from the window of the train
I send my love greetings to the mountains and plains 
- For the young running brook is a bright youth in an old 
burning desert -
The freshness of the open and morning air
From the tresses of a girl - who has let fall the stream of the hairs on the shoulder of the wind through the window -
I relate a true and lovely tale.

The march continues and at the break of morning
The pistachio trees alongside the road,
Have bestowed their green peace to the stream
And the annual growth of the tender vine trees
- After enduring the ugliness of a brown color -
Have bestowed their soreness to the cloud, wind, water and sun.

The march continues and amid surprised fields,
The wild pigeons, from around the wells,
Are looks of surprise towards the sky,
Which march and march and march
Beyond belief, on the other side of whim.

The march continues and the loving message of deserts to clouds,
The eternal greeting of the breezes to hills,
The tender and soft prostration of valleys,
The pure and snow coated pride of mountain peaks,
The innocent march of flocks in the plains,
The green grazing of sheep, rams and lambs.

The march continues and spring with all its vastness
Carries me who have been left behind caged in the city
Towards boundless spheres,
And thankful of all this purity and freedom - more free than God -
I bestow all my existence 
- Which is a moment of a strange song of the lawn -
To your vastness.
Time continues and the journey ends.
The Song of the Star
The star says:
"I don't wish to remain a stranger
Among the blues.

The star says:
"I don't wish to call, but the word of my song
Mingles with night alongside loneliness
And lack of audience.

The star says:
"My body no more is contained in this blueness; where is the buttercup
So I can borrow its red cloak tonight
And free myself
From these constellations?

The star says:
"I'm dejected here in this height, I wish to descend,
I'm dejected with this melancholy dark blue sky.
Blessed is singing and sunny realms.

Research: Iranian Contemporary Poems


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