Neda Darzi

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Neda Darzi

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Bubbles, 2002

Journey journey, a dream a mirage
A familiarity a separation
To be not to be, coming going, where to? 
Floated the bubbles, any one to anywhere:
One to the north of the jungles
One to the south of the deserts
One to the east, one to the west
Light, liquid, limpid and discerning bubbles
Each one is a story, a pearl of secrets
Is there any ability to say?
Is there any hope to return?
One was attempted to the sea, one was joint to the melody of dew
One was burst by a jay 

And one was returned as a clear mirror

Freedom, 2002

I was living in my own loneliness' desert
The sudden melody of the wind whispered smoothly:
Be flow, be free
To an ambiguous place, preplanned and bewildered,
Lost in space and place
The honored palms, a green root woods in the sea,
Eye veiled woman, blinds for beauties
It was a dream or reality?
Mercy, pity, peace and love unified us
We get together and revolted
Now we whisper to the wind:

Be flow, be free

I wish, I were a Child, 2004

To which excuse have I come again?
Like an errant wind, like a burning fire
Like still water, like cold earth 

So where is the essence of being?
What should I learn from?
Who do I break ties with?
What should I love?
I wish, I were a Child
The lonely tree is wishing
Its childish sincerity and purity
Water, clear water
Air, fresh air
Earth, warm earth
Breath, a deep breath for its roots 
Life, a repeatable life
Again my fruits
Will be the fruit of the truth…


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