Parviz Ney Davoud

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Parviz Ney Davoud

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet, Parviz Ney Davoud
Stranger of two cities, Translated to English by Manavaz Alexandrian
I leave your city, but my heart beats for my sphere,
I love my beloved country, my problem is there;

Curses be on travel, for all I suffer is from travel.
My clay is made here, O God! my heart beats for here;

I am famous among the lovers and poets,
But, by God, my heart and my friends dwell here;

Heartless folk don't know the world of their land,
My sea is in a foreign land, but my coast is here;

"Ney Davoud", where must I fly from this city? Where?
For, both my farm and my harvest are here;

I love the charming belle fair of eye,
The darling, which I speak is living here;

I dwell in two cities, but grief kills me,
For, my harvest is there, but my heart beats there.


Research: Iranian Contemporary Poems


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