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Shiva Arastui

Literature: Poems of Iranian Poet & Writer, Shiva Arastui
Some Poems from the Collection of "Let's Finish It":
The Names
My poem 
Wouldn’t suit to the rime of my figure
my name
wouldn’t get rid of my surname
but you
to my name
do not intend my suitable body

in which corner of your party
is a prayer mat spread that you are waiting for me?
to tie a rag to miracle, I’d told some of you: Love!
the broadcloth of your chests
smells after the stench of your breath 
so, tying the rag wouldn’t join miracle
one of you, who was too genius
so much I was satiated with the wisdom of his genius
poured from my heart to my gut and was lost in well!

I’d told the last one of you;
let’s finish it
he took it seriously and I was finished
your surname wouldn’t able to join my first name
do not intend my suitable body
read your newspaper
it is full of your surnames
I’ve stuck my forehead on the broadcloth’s seal
do get rid of my surname!
The Scene
The apple and the shadow couldn’t invigorate me
I couldn’t contain
in the painting brush, in the canvas and in the imagination
the scene is tight for the mountain of my forehead 
my eye would not brighten from the puny spring of such images
their crow doesn’t fly away from my oak
why they wouldn’t paint a field to roam
a garden to grow
a sky
A Mouthful Shiva
Beautiful and woman
looks at the realm of my body
from the reflection of your coming
I become a mouthful of the poems of Shiva
in the recollection of your look
the gain
Just you wouldn’t come
the gain 
just name in the recollection of your coming.
The Vestibule & The Stairs
While as a kid
we grew unduly,
When grown up
we became a child,
We even grow older
we became unduly young,

No poem would help
blame the first kiss
in the first pathway
under the first step way

Let's not to blame the poem,
blame the first text.


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