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Carpet: Afghanistan

Rug in Different Countries

Because of suitable geographical situation of this country for animal husbandry, it has good wool products; so a part of wool is exported and the other part is used for thread production and spinning. 

Like other Asian countries, rug and kilim weaving is a popular and general industry. Afghan carpets are woven in small dimensions with mostly geometrical designs, which are dyed by chemical and natural dyes.

Afghans who are very experienced in carpet subject, are creating new designs. As in the past, today also Afghan Baluch carpets are very valuable and the reason is using Afghanistan mountains wool, which is the best kind at the present time. 

Color of Afghan sheep wool is 99% natural and only 1% of it is dyed with chemical dyes.

Mostly, loom is fixed horizontally and warp, which is usually woolen, is wound over the framework.
Rug in Different Countries
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