Samples of Chinese Rug:

              Beijing 244X154 cm
              Beijing D=185 cm
              Beijing Rug 

Carpet: China

Chinese Carpet


Rug in Different Countries



The occupation of half of the Chinese population is agriculture and animal husbandry; so carpet weaving is very common, which has been existing in China since the time of Marco Polo. Chinese wool, specially in the North of country, is very good, but not enough for textile and carpet weaving. Cotton is planting abundantly in China and people work in silk-worm farms producing silk, which is used in carpet weaving. 

Dyes are often chemical and carpet images are various and original, which are derived from traditions, custom and culture of Chinese people. 

An interesting idea in Chinese carpets is using trade marks and traditional names for carpets of different regions of country. For instance, carpets woven in Beijing, have the special sign and name of “Temple of Heaven”.

Dimensions in Chinese carpets are mostly determined by customers, designers or weavers which are as follows:

In carpet: 1.83X2.75  to 3.66X5.49 m
In rug:     1.52X2.44  to  0.61X0.91m

Wales number in ordinary Chinese carpets is “20” and in carpets to be exported is from “24” to “50”; knots are asymmetric, which are woven coarsely with long pile.



Rug in Different Countries


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