Carpet: Egypt

Rug in Different Countries

Egypt is one of the most ancient hand-made carpet weavers. Flourish of carpet weaving in this country, is the result of sheep wool and abundance of cotton fields near “Nile” river.

Some of carpet experts have called this country as the cradle of carpet and also the discovered objects reconfirm the great age of this industry.

Materials for carpet weaving, specially cotton, are provided from domestic products. Although wool is abundant in this place; its quality is poor and the necessary wool for carpet weaving is imported from Australia and New Zealand.

Egyptian carpets are usually small and there is no standard for this. Knots are both symmetric and asymmetric and wales is rural and domestic. Carpet dimensions in Egypt are as follows:

Carpet:  3X2 ; 2.5X2.5 ; 3.5X2.5  Sq. m
Rug: 1X1.5; 2X1.4 ; 3X2 Sq. m

Rug in Different Countries
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