Arak Province has not long history in weaving, but historical documents and local situation of this province show, that there was carpet weaving in some parts, like Sarough, Farahan, Saraband and Moradabad, since old times.

It had been no supported sign of weaving in this region for centuries, after Sassanian era. Regarding that carpet is vanished woven and also continuous wars in central regions of Iran, prevent any knowledge on establishment of big workshops and important carpets.

In the middle of Nasseredin Shah period, Arak rugs had perceptible presence, so some rugs of this region had been known all over the world.

As Arak is in adjacant to Qom, Kashan, Isfahan and Hamadan, is very peculiar for carpet weaving. According to some references, designers and weavers of Kashan, Kerman and Isfahan have had direct participation in reviving of Arak carpet weaving, so some native designs of those regions was seen in Arak rugs.

For the first time, in 1875, in Nasseredin era, Tabriz businessmen exported products of Arak and its counties.

Historical references prove, that Arak’s people were expert in preparing dyes, dyeing and weaving carpets until the beginning of 20th century; yet, fine fine rugs of Iran are known as “Sarough Rug”, in Europe.

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