Arak rug is coarse. Best of these rugs have 40 to rarely 50 wales or sometimes a little more. Arak rug is well-known for its native-regional characteristics and based on the use of wool, dye, plain and mostly rustic designs.

It has to be mentioned, that coarse rug is a rug with thick, long and resistance piles, which has suitable elasticity. This quality, which has a coverage role for rug, is relevant to tribe and rustic or cold and mountainous regions characteristics.

Using native wool, hand-spun yarns, local dyes and traditional dyeing are fundamentals of their rug weaving.

Ancient rugs of Moshkabad, with wales about 15 to 22 or a little more, became well-known all over the world; there is no doubt, that a part of its fame is related to the way of dyeing and primitive designs, but the most is related to the long and elastic wool. This quality is seen in more desirable rugs of that time’s Sarough rug (Farahan region), with 36, 40 to 45 number of wales.

Wool used in these rugs are mostly fine Iranian wools with long, thick and special crimp, which has been spun by hand or by common spinning wheel.

These kinds of wool have been supplied from Sabzevar ,Broujerd, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, near Hamadan and Kermanshah, which have the best quality of Iranian rugs.

Arak rugs are in three groups: Mahal, Moshkabad and Sarough, which all are completely influenced by rug named “Sarough”.

There are many different reasons for best desirable quality of Arak rugs; some of those are husbandry and numerous numbers of native sheep, which make flourish of weaving in this region. This wool has all specifications needed for carpet, like long crimp, thickness and fine elasticity, as well as softness.

Arak is not famous for silk rugs. Proper use of wool in very simple rugs, with more simple designs and limited but beautiful coloring, make this rug free from using expensive materials to increase its value. In addition, using hand-spun wool of Iranian sheep, that was expertly applied by hands of dyers, in dyeing cauldron, contained rough particles of madder, pomegranate shell and walnut shell, under pass of floating particles in running water, results lost their extra dyes and roughness of its fibers and obtained such a soft and shinny polished surface, which it could compare to silk or more.

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