While using different colorful dyes, specially European senses and curtains in rugs, have a positive option, it is astonishing to remind, which Arak rugs had become well-known for its colors.

Most ancient rugs of Sarough with its famous milky color, Farahan rugs with splendid blue color and Moshkabad rugs with madder color and its famous wool have exported to world market in their weaving time and now are found in museums and private collections.

Traditional natural and herbal dyes are mostly used in Arak rugs: Cochineal, a colorful insect, which is used as a dye, or azure, which has been extracted from cobalt or mine stones. Even though natural dyes have limited color hues, one could see artful compound patterns in very limited colors in Arak rugs.

All of these colors, Farahan’s blue, Moshkabad’s azure and madder or Sarough’s milky-red, are yet well-known in this region. Green, cream and yellowish cream colors, which have been obtained from rich compounds of herbs and madder, walnut shell, vine leaf, pomegranate shell dyes, each has valuable share in dyeing. Fame of well-known “Sarough Rug”, like other ancient rugs of this region, is owed to the use of traditional herbal dyes.

Herbal dye fastness is about 5 of standard in compare to chemical dyes, which have been reached to 8, seems low, but this level of fastness is enough and adequate for rug. As rug is not used in continuous direct sunlight, as well as special quality and slow absorption of these dyes, which are about 4 in washing and rubbing of herbal dyeing, 5 is very desirable.

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