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History of Baluch Tribes



There is no much information about the origin of Baluch Tribes, because of being almost illiterate, migratory, exposure to wars, banditry, enslavement,...

The earliest references to Baluch is contained in Persian Literature. Baloc (Baluch) is old Persian word, means "Crest". Their main location seems to have been near Persian shores of Caspian Sea.

According to Baluch legends, they originated in Arabian areas, such as Syria; but more probably they are mixture of several races of Northern origins, desert land within the confines of ancient Persia.

Apparently, they were driven from Caspian area, by the earliest invasions from Central Asia to Kerman area; and because of the later factors, such as famine conditions, government policies and... they spread throughout Baluchistan and Northward into Western into Western Pakistan Afghanistan and Eastern Persia.

Today, Baluch, who are mostly Muslims (Sunni), are spread in Turkmenistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.



Baluch Rug


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