Cauldron dye bath is a container used for dyeing, with a wide circle or oval shape mouth. Its depth is as much as dyeing mixed liquid is contained and skeins are simply floating in.

Torches installed under the furnace burn oil and are connected to fuel container by metal pipes.

Crane is used for transferring piles. Special chains and hook hang dyed piles on it, and it is linked to centrifuge machine to be washed and dried.

Dynamo Dryer Machine
After dyeing, piles are washed in washing pool with soap. Then, piles are spun by centrifuge machine. Drying dyed piles is one of the important factors of dyeing.

Trellis (Hanger)
After spinning dyed skeins, those are put on special lumbers and hang freely on trellis, till dry.

Pile Bundling Machine
Dry died piles are bundled in 4.5 kg (~10 lb) package by machine.

Weighing Machine
Weighing machine is used for weighing piles, before and after dyeing.

Balance with accuracy of 20 gr to 20 kg, with complete measures, is also used.

Measuring Containers
Measuring containers are used for measuring liquids and bath water.

Auxiliary Tools
Thermometer, plastic spoon, glass containers, oar to mix dyeing bath, shovel, pick, fire extinguisher, water heating container with capacity of 50 galloons, paraffin heater for testing dyes, gas cooker and skimmer.

Mud Puller with Electromotor
Mud puller with electromotor is used to evacuate and pump dye liquid of cauldron after dyeing.

Large Copper Bowl
Large copper bowl is used to mix dye liquid of cauldron and add or reduce bath liquid.

Pile Washing Pool
Pile washing pool is used to wash piles with liquid soap.

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