Mordant are used in two methods:

Dye along with mordant
In this method, necessary water, herbal dyes and mordant are poured in cauldron, till it is boiling; then skein piles are brought to cauldron. After an hour and a half, when all contents of cauldron are boiling, it is blown out and piles are kept in bath, until the next day.

Mordant before Dyeing
This method is done in two processes.

At first, mordant and auxiliary substances are dissolved in a small amount of water and poured in cauldron; then necessary water is added to it, until it boils.

In second process, needed herbal substances are added to the contents of cauldron. 1/3 of cauldron is water and completely mixed. After boiling for about one hour, when sap is coming completely, water is added to cauldron and temperature is reached to 40 or 50 degree C, till it is boiling for an hour and a half. Then fire is blown out and contents remain in cauldron for 24 hours.

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