Art of Garous weaving has been in hands of women. At first, they washed and spun wool; then they picked herbs, cleaned and boiled. Desirable dyes were obtained from these herbs.

They mordant wool and then dyed. They hanged fringes on the loom. Patterns, designs and motifs, as well as desirable colors were chosen. Then the hard job of weaving and knotting were begun.

According to an ancient tradition, today rugs, smaller than zar and a half (zar=104 cm= ~42 in) are woven by a woman, but three or four women weave larger rugs.

Nowadays, weavers hardly weave rugs larger than zar and a half, unless in families, that have more weavers.

For weaving large rugs, an expert weaver sat at the right side, were weaving is begun. Usually this weaver is model for other weavers and they follow her not only in motifs but also in coloring.

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