Garous rugs are woven in roll weave and symmetric and non-symmetric knots are used. “Semi-roll” and sometimes “plain weaving” are used.

In roll weaving, a part from Turkish knots, in addition to winding wefts in horizontal direction and putting warps in two different levels is used. They were pounding wefts in the way, which wales become passed and rug became more firm and tight. This causes, Garous rugs become very firm and crushed and it is too hard to fold these rugs.

There are coarse woolen piles in Garous rugs and wefts could not be seen at the back of these rugs.

In plain weaving, wefts are seen at the back of rugs and wefts are not firm and tight. Those have a wave level state, so warps rest in a level. Rugs woven with plain weaving could not remain straight on floor and roll very soon.

Selvage of Garous rugs is a winding selvage on the rug and sometimes monochrome with the same color of the ground.

In silique rug, selvage is polychrome and in every other one could be seen.

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