Garous rugs are woven by pattern or without it.
In rugs without pattern, design is not drawn, but it is done by weaver’s imagination.

Designs of rugs have mostly local and traditional basis or innovating design with special shape and variety. Usually all designs are drawn in geometrical, broken, curved and rotating lines. Nowadays, voluminous designs with dimension and tint have been seen, which do lines and colors represent.

Designs in size of:
1- Full (all over)
2- Half
3- Quattro
4- Lozenge
are drawn and designer chooses and cuts the checker paper according to the type of design, number of wales and size of rug. He (she) draws lines of pattern by pencil. After finishing, it is stuck on canvas by starch paste. After preparing framework, he paints the design by gouache and painting brushes. According to this pattern, weaver prepares needed colors.

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب