Aigrette (Cloth Flower)

1- Basic image in the shape of square or a rectangle, which is connected to other two squares or rectangles at its two adjacent corners.
2- Margin formed by Aghaban repetition.

It is a margin or a basic image in the shape of an amulet, which is either a rectangle or a pentagon, with various images and projections.

Wavy margin, which contains a circle in every curve, and is related to the center of the wave by a line.

This is the original Systan pattern with very wide margin that leaves only a single rectangle in the middle of carpet. This rectangle is decorated by some or one armlet (a basic image of a simplified or decorated armlet) along the carpet length and some secondary and occupying images.

Sometimes two main margins like litter, Flowered, Floret, Chain and some secondary one like Karchak, Chain’s Modakhel, Lozenge, Star, Jovak and Rakash enclose the carpet ground. Besides Armlet are also other images like Tiny Flower, Parreh-Jolak, Chain or Four-short branches (charshakhlaki).



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